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Redemption Road: The Masterpost

Supernatural: Redemption Road

Story and Art by The Redemption Team
Dean/Castiel, Sam, Bobby, and a cast of supporting characters
SPN Post-S6 alternative reality; NC-17 (overall); word count varies by episode – please check the episode list for details.

Episode List

With Castiel having set himself up as the new God, drunk on power and volatile as a nuclear reactor, Dean, Sam, and Bobby find themselves on the run from the jealous, capricious monster wearing the face of their friend. Desperate for protection and wary of his brother’s mental state since Castiel unlocked Sam's memories of Hell, Dean knows Castiel must be defused before he can wreak further havoc in Heaven or on Earth. Although Bobby advocates for destroying Castiel by whatever means necessary, Dean is convinced the Cas he once knew still remains, buried somewhere beneath the mass of poisonous souls and calling out for help. Determined to save the angel who once rescued him from Hell and redefined his purpose in life, Dean himself must resist the allure of the false deity vying for his obedience, and come to terms with the knowledge, long-suppressed, that his feelings for Castiel run much deeper than brotherhood. It is this bond, and the dubious distinction of the Righteous Man, that will ultimately grant Dean access to where Castiel’s grace languishes in Purgatory. However, what Dean brings back with him is broken, angry, and only half-angel, certainly not the Castiel he remembers—and nor is it the only thing that returns to Earth with them…


Language; graphic violence; explicit sexuality.


Redemption Road is a LJ-based virtual season – a fan-generated, large-scale AU project created by members of the SPN and Dean/Castiel fandoms. Episodes and artwork will be posted regularly beginning October 6, 2011.


All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective creators and owners. No money is being made from this fanwork. No copyright infringement is intended.
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