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The Redemption Team



darksilvercat has been a fan of Supernatural since day one, but was a fickle fandom hopper until a certain blue-eyed angel made an honest fangirl out of her. She's a sucker for action and ensemble adventures, as well as UST, schmoop and happy endings. When she's not writing fanfic, she studies film, television and writing at university and in her free time she watches films and tv shows, and writes. She frequently confuses porn with reality, and much prefers the former. She's nowhere near organized enough to have an official masterlist yet, but her Supernatural fics can be found here.

daymarket has been lurking in various fandoms for at least six years now and has no plans to leave anytime soon. She has a terrible soft spot for AUs and h/c, but to be quite honest she'll give anything and everything a shot. Upon discovering SPN, she's shipped Dean/Cas (and a smattering of Sam/Ruby) quite enthusiastically. She enjoys writing complicated, long fics, and one day she might even be able to finish them. Her masterlist can be found here.

dotfic has been in online fandom for over ten years and didn't mean to get addicted to writing fanfic but it sort of happened. She's been in SPN fandom since Season 1, loves writing gen, het, and slash, and has a thing for stories that include pancakes. While she claims to love schmoop, she keeps writing angst. You can find an index of her fic here.

electricskeptic has been writing fanfiction online for around six years and accidentally fell in love with Supernatural fandom after a long, hot summer affair in 2010. Though a multi-shipper at heart, she writes predominantly about the epic love story of Dean and Castiel, and has a fondness for first-time encounters with a bittersweet twist. A full masterlist of her fanwork can be found here.

jackvelvet has been writing fanfic for nearly 10 years under various pseudonyms, and has touched upon almost every standard genre out there, especially non-fiction and academic study guides. You can find JV's master list here. While it's mostly filled with angsty fics, dramatic over-the-top stories with crazy dialogue, the occasional horror piece, and a TARDIS or two, JV's prized creation is /goggles: Sam Winchester, Redacted (A Love Story), a comedic meta-parody mutli-media disaster that pretty much sums up the author's life in fandom in a nutshell.

murron has been writing in online fandoms for twelve years. She came to SPN late in 2009 after watching Seasons 1 to 3 for one crazy summer. She enjoys writing UST, Team Free Will, Dean/Cas, supporting characters, slash and (semi-)happy endings. She obsesses about landscape and sets too many of her stories at the seaside. Her fic can be found here.

nanoochka's love affair with SPN began on a treadmill during the summer of 2010, when she dove head-first into the series as a means of getting herself through hours of interminable gym torture. Fortunately, Castiel came along in Season 4, and dissuaded her from further blasphemous practices in favor of gawping in awe from the safety of her couch. It also inspired her to start writing fic, which she hadn't done since the age of 16 when she was a part of the Buffy fandom. She's been at it ever since, and is all too happy to avoid the gym on Friday nights from now on. Her fic masterlist can be found here.

nyoka first discovered the intriguing social experiment known as the SPN fandom back in 2005 and has been unable to untangle herself ever since. She writes and reads in all colors of the rainbow – RPF, het, slash, and gen fiction. She loves out-there AUs, pre-series fic, character-centric stories, regional-flavored settings, novel-length works, slow-build first-times, angsty h/c fic with HEAs, and making Dean Winchester cry. While she has a tendency to multi-ship, Dean/Castiel is the pairing of her heart, and the ship has been steadily ruining her life since September 18, 2008. Her fanwork masterlist can be found here.

peroxidepest17 is new to the Supernatural fandom proper but watched the show off and on for the first three seasons with varying levels of interest. It wasn't until Season 4 and Cas that she got hopelessly addicted to the series. She's been writing fanfiction since she was 12, starting with ridiculous but well-loved series like the Adventures of Sinbad and the Magnificent 7 before drifting into anime/manga and then J-pop RPS before settling in the land of Supernatural. She has a special love for writing stories with a more humorous/ridiculous/gross/bizarre bent and her small list of SPN related fics can be found here.

shane_mayhem has been writing fanfic, first privately, and then for the perusal of the Internets, for at least 10 years. He's been hanging out on the fringes of the Supernatural fandom ever since Castiel first appeared. His interests include: lube wrestling, queer karaoke, camping, riding his bike, history, anything to do with wings, sailing tall ships, and resisting corporate government.

squeemonster first dipped her toe in fandom waters with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She decided to give Supernatural a try in season 4, after listening to friends rave about this new character named Castiel, and her heart has belonged to the Winchester brothers and the nerdy little dude with wings ever since. She is an insatiable reader of the Dean/Castiel pairing, especially AUs and happy endings. She's still very new to this whole writing thing, and given her cynical and sarcastic tendencies has been surprised to discover that she loves to write schmoop. And Sam being embarrassed by his brother. Her fic can be found here.

Although swordofmymouth joined the SPN fandom in early 2011, she first discovered Team Free Will during 2009 when she spent a heady summer consuming whole seasons back to back. A graphic designer during the day, and an embittered, whiskey-drinking writer during the night hours, she enjoys angst, hurt/comfort, and frisky angels. Access her fic here.

Defined by her so-called friends as a fandom whore, takadainmate has been dedicated to all things Supernatural and Dean/Cas for well over two years. Deep down, she considers herself to be a badfic writer blessed with some mild ability in the English language and an evil history teacher at school who red-penned the bad grammar right out of her. In truth, she pretends to be picky but actually loves anything that involves hurt/comfort, old men, tentacles, or fluffy porn. These are the four pillars of her world, upon which she has built a nest of Team Free Will adventure fics which can be found here.

tiptoe39 has been writing and posting fanfiction for fifteen years. She began in anime fandom, was bitten hard with the slash bug by Heroes, and has found her home in Supernatural fandom at long last. She prides herself on writing any pairing and any kink that's thrown at her, and tests that theory often as a writer at Her fanfiction masterlist can be found here.

When zatnikatel happened to mention her idea for a multi-author S6 fix-it fic on Twitter, she didn't think anyone would be interested. Little did she know! Zat was raised a cult TV-nerd in a family of cult TV-nerds. Her first real brush with fandom writing was Stargate SG-1, but although she worked on several tie-in novels for that series, she never wrote fanfic as if her life depended on it until the pilot episode of Supernatural hooked her and reeled her in. That's her story anyhoo. Secretly she lives in fear of someone discovering her A-Team fanfic, which is still floating around out there in cyberspace. Her masterlist can be found here.



ammo is a relative newcomer to SPN fandom, mostly blaming Tumblr for a curiosity that slowly became an addiction. But mostly it's Castiel's fault. After giving in to initial curiosity, she went back and watched Supernatural from the beginning and fell completely head over heels. She started doodling SPN art about a year ago, and hasn't slowed down a bit. She freely admits to being addicted to bamf!angels and also Chex mix, and her sampling of comic book-y styled art and daily doodles can be found at her tumblr, and also her livejournal.

animotus joined the "crazy" SPN fandom in the middle of Season 3. Her obsession for Dean Winchester started after exactly five minutes into the pilot when he said: "Easy tiger!" to Sam. She didn't know anything about the character, about the actor, about the story: it was simply love at first hearing! She loves reading good fic, of any kind, and enjoys playing with images, colors, and textures! She loves doing SPN-related art and graphics: you can find a masterwork of her picspams here and graphics here.

artmetica got into the SPN fandom just before season 6 started. She caught up with the earlier episodes, and started shipping Dean/Castiel sometime during season 4. Although she has no artistic background, she enjoys drawing on her free time. She loves BAMF!Cas, AUs, wings, and angst with happy endings. Most of her SPN drawings can be found here on LJ or here on deviantArt.

august_monsoon started watching SPN during the last few episodes of season 4. After the S4 finale, she devoured the previous episodes in less than two weeks. Though on the fringes of fandom for a few years, she started actively drawing early 2011. Drawing the boys has quickly become an addiction. August loves drawing AUs, Castiel's face, freckles and gender-bending. Her art can be found here

Beta Artemis
betaartemis entered the SPN fandom in early 2010 after clips of Castiel on a multi-fandom video caught her eye. While she had long been a sporadic SPN viewer due to growing up with the WB network before it became the CW, it was the blue-eyed angel that caught her heart and got her hooked. The rest, one may say, is history. An active video-maker and fanfic writer in various TV and movie fandoms, her fanfic writing days started back in 2001 at the age of 10 with Pokemon stories while her video making frenzy began in 2008 in the soap opera General Hospital fandom. Now she has ventured into the SPN world with two fanfic series that are works in progress and two more in the planning stage. In addition, she has made three videos for her and a friend's fanfic as well as one tribute to the Season 7 premiere. She is completely obsessed with anything Cas and Misha related, a total minion, loves her "two boys, an old drunk, and a fallen angel", and her fanfic can be find here and her videos here.

daggomus_prime has only been active in the Supernatural fandom for a short while, ever since she caught an episode where Cas was being especially strange. Since then, she's been drawing porn and freckles. Supernatural is the first fandom that she has been active in since her questionable Rammstein RPS days, so she often exhibits enthusiasm to draw as much of the boys in questionable positions as possible. She likes drawing bellies, wrinkles, big noses, muscles, and hipbones. She also enjoys being fed regularly and picked up to peer over large crowds. Her work can be found at her livejournal here, or her deviantart here.

A longtime lurker in the SPN fandom, danny_sama is finally coming out of the comfy-but-lonely shadows to make some art! She's very excited to be involved in such an awesome project, and awed by being in such incredible company! Some of her other scribblings (and hooo boy is her DA in dire need of updating) can be found here.

Dr. Kara
Even though Kara's roommates watched Supernatural in college she didn't get into it until 2011 when she had a marathon with her twin and watched every episode in time to catch the end of season 6. Since then she's been addicted to Dean's eyelashes, Sam's sideburns, Bobby's flannel, and Castiel's stubble. She loves drawing traditionally as well as digitally, and making comics. She is also addicted to crossovers from SuperWhoLock to Avengernatural. Her art can be found at her tumblr and deviantart.

Seasoned multi-fandom girl, geckoholic ran into Supernatural during Season 3 and fell hard for it. The show is also what dragged her onto LJ, where she somehow became a graphics maker despite having her creative roots in writing and never showing any interest in art before. In terms of Dean/Castiel, she's been late to the party, but making up for lost time now. geckoholic didn't exactly fall out of love with canon as it is, but she's missing Team Free Will something fierce and is very excited to be part of this project! She stores all things graphic here, and you can find a list of her fic here.

gikun was born in Indonesia, and she has a background in design and advertising. In her free time she loves to do illustrations, and she has done both full-time and freelance work on illustrations and design for games, novels, and media campaigns. She loves to write as well, but does most of her writing in her mother language. She started watching SPN when it first aired, but didn't continue because she thought it was just a typical horror ghost series. She gave it another try later after seeing the SPN anime on the net. It was Season 4 that cemented her love for the show with the arrival of the angels. She's been obsessed with Castiel ever since, and has been unable to stop herself from filling up her art gallery with SPN (mostly Cas) fanart. SPN is the only fandom she's ever been this active in! Her art gallery on deviantart can be found here.

kasienka_nikki is a 25-year-old straight girl from Poland who loves Slash couples. She's been watching SPN for 5 years, but started making graphics 3 years ago. All her fanwork can be found at her LJ here.

After being anti-SPN/"hipster" for a pretty long time (because of it's popularity, don't ask why), kuma_la_la finally gave in to the Supernatural fandom as late as February 2011. He first had an art contact of the Third Kind with the show when getting a commission request involving Castiel in late 2010. After actually starting to watch the show he just kept watching and watching and finally caught up with the U.S. airings in March the same year (Season 6). Then came the massive load of fanart. And it hasn't stopped. His favorite characters are Everyone (with a capital E), and he's a fan of Slash, blood, and angst. You can find his art on deviantART here, and for sketches and W.I.Ps check out his tumblr here.

Made of Tin
made_of_tin are new to the SPN fandom but enjoy making comics, illustrations, and animations for the SPN fandom and many other fandoms. They enjoy taking difficult prompts, gaining new experiences from them, and continuing to improve and evolve their art styles. They've yet to find a pairing they dislike. Their art lists can be found here and here.

A super late comer to the SPN fandom in October 2011, Pickles started drawing Team Free Will fanart and just couldn't stop. It took her friends over a year, but they finally convinced her to watch one episode, and that was it! Pickles is known to be a Dean/Castiel shipper, a sideburns fangirl, and a consumer of fine cheese. A comic artist by profession, Pickles prefers the more cartoony side of things. You can find her art on her Tumblr here, her Deviantart here, or at her webcomic Distillum.

Ryuu Artist
ryuu_artist, otherwise known as The Once and Future Thing, has been drawing since before she can remember. That doesn't mean she is any good. In fact her true passion is animation, which she pursues tirelessly at her university. She followed Castiel, fell from grace and into the Supernatural fandom in 2011. She has embraced her fall into fandom, and in the process she's become a major advocate of SuperWhoLock. She loves to explore the lore surrounding the show, and she really respects the writers for their use of multicultural supernatural beings, and the way they weave them into the plot of the story. After the end of Season 6, she decided to channel her rage into fanart. Today she runs her beloved tumblr, and eagerly awaits each installment of Redemption Road (when she isn't illustrating them).

rumi_nyo has been watching SPN since it aired, but she was not active in the fandom until the spring of 2011. Inspired by many fantastic fics, she could not hold back any longer and decided to pick up her pen and draw. Dean/Cas is her main ship, and she just can't draw enough of them. Her work can be found on her livejournal here.

Salty Catfish
Relatively new to fandom salty_catfish has been an avid reader of fanfic for many years but SPN was the first LJ fandom she ever wanted to be active in. She's been drawing and painting forever. She's married to her trusty Intuos2 graphics tablet, but thinks moody watercolors are the best fit for this fandom. Deangirl, multishipper, Season 4 fan. Her fanart can be found here.

slinkymilinky has been a fan of Supernatural since it first premiered in the UK way back when. She entered fandom mid-season 5 looking for fic about Castiel being a lion-headed light ball and soon after started producing fanart about Castiel being a...lion-headed light ball. Slinky loves UST, unrequited epic love stories, multi-shipping, tentacles, Cas' eye creases, Dean's crying, and a generous helping of crack. A masterpost of various doodlings can be found here.

French fan art junkie who can't live even one day away from her graphic tablet and Photoshop, smallworld_inc joined the LJ fandom in 2009. Wincester and J2 shipper, she was converted to D/C thanks to Artmetica's art (you know who to blame now...). Her artworks are immediately recognizable because of the ridiculous and almost illegal amount of purple and pink, but also because of the light sources that come out of nowhere and that make her drawings look like Barbara Cartland's book covers. Smallworld doesn't only love pink, she also loves gore and torturing Dean every way possible in her art. It almost became a hobby, like sudoku but more bloody and with more people crying "NooooOOoOO ;____; " Her art masterpost can be found here.

smilla02 fell hard and fast for Supernatural way back in May 2006 when she devoured 21 episodes in less than three days just so she could be gobsmacked and traumatized by the first season finale. She soon started writing fanfiction for the show becoming a true fandom monogamist. She likes to explore Dean's psyche - whether he's clothed or naked it doesn't matter - and to pair him with just about everybody, though her genship (Sam'n Dean) and her slash ship (Dean/Castiel) end up taking the spotlight. Her master list for the Supernatural fandom can be found here.

usarechan has been drawing tears and kisses since she was three years old but kept them hidden from anyone's eyes for as long as she can remember. She was pissed at her favorite TV shows and decided she could fix them by drawing her own version of the characters she loved but at some point, she stopped. She discovered SPN right after the S5 finale. The story of two brothers and their angel dragged her out of her artist's block, and she has been painting and experimenting ever since. She even decided to share her fanart with the world for the first time in her life. Her tiny contribution to the Supernatural fandom can be found here.

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